Tombstone Walkway – Nanaimo

In the 1980s, the owners of a four-plex apartment building decided to improve their property by adding a stone walkway.  They purchased a bunch of worn stones, which turned out to be tombstones taken from an old children’s cemetery.  The children moved in and created some interesting poltergeist effects. The stones were removed and the haunting stopped.

3 thoughts on “Tombstone Walkway – Nanaimo

  1. I was just wondering if anyone knows what cemetery the stones came from and what happened to the cemetary and the children buried there

  2. carla van der Meer

    How does one join and do you know of other groups locally? I have been interested since I had some shilhood experiences and more recently I have been experiencing apportations of pennies. Seriously, I can sweep a floor and leave the room and there it is, and I am home alone.

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