The Qualicum Heritage Inn

Creepy Canada Synopsis

The Qualicum was built in 1835 as a boy’s private boarding school.  After more than 100 years in operation it was sold in 1970 and turned into the current Inn.

Since that time many of its staff and guests have reported bizarre events and sightings.

A worker at the front desk complains of busy signals on the telephone and strange printer performance.

[Note from VIP Investigator – Rob, front desk stated that we made a long distance call from our room (460) and we didnt :S]

One of the Inn’s managers experiences the eyes of a painting following him around his office. One woman staying at the inn with her husband tells of a strange dream she had one evening.

She dreamt that she was sleepwalking but as it turns out described rooms and hallways she could only have known in such detail if she had actually seen them.

It seems as though perhaps this guest had been on a ghostly tour of the building.

Another guest, traveling with her grown son. She heard strange noises in her room on the third floor. Her son, staying on the forth floor described the same experiences in his room.

Whether experienced by staff or guests, the occurrences are all described as relatively pleasant, even if more than just a little eerie.

Some believe they are prankster children from the boy’s school who have refused to give up their old quarters.

A great write up on the

The Qualicum Heritage Inn on Vancouver Island has long been reputed to be haunted. In fact, Robert Belyk found the stories so compelling that he opened his 1990 (2002) book Ghosts, True Tales of Eerie Encounters with over ten pages of the Inn’s haunted past. Later, in 2002, OLN’s Creepy Canada also featured the ghosts of the Inn during one of their episodes. Additionally, previous Inn guests have left tales of paranormal encounters on various hotel review sites online, while former staff members have made public statements regarding their own personal experiences within the building to various online and print sources, as well.

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  1. Hi my name is Tessie and i use to work at the college inn before it was changed to qualicum heritage inn. i use to work in the kichen night shift as a dish person. and typically a dish person is the last person in the kichen. i worked ther for three months and almost every single time i worked when no one was around i would hear voices like ppl talking i go out to the lounge area to see if ppl were there nothing! the door to go to the hallwya to the lounge and front desk was a push swing door and one night i heard giggling i figure kids out and about fooling around again i hear giggling and then the door slightly swings so i go out to see if there was anyone and again nothing no one at the desk not a human being in sight. but the one th=ime i will never forget is when the piano starting playing that use to sit in the end of the hall past the front desk, all on its own when i heard it from the kichen i quickly walk to the door and as i opened it the sound stopped i walked even quicker and found noone there as i was walking back to the kichen i heard mutiple foot steps running up the stairs and kids laughing i turned as it was right behind me and again nothing no one!

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