The Princess Mary Restaurant

Creepy Canada Synopsis:

The Princess Mary was an old Scottish built passenger ship that made runs to and from the Gulf Islands. She was scrapped in 1951 and an iron company dismantled her.

A local tug and barge building company requiring a lunch room for its employees bought the ship and put her on land to be used as a cafeteria. The cafeteria prospered so the ship builder bought a Venezuelan oil tanker, expanded and reopened as a full restaurant.

Unfortunately, the oil tanker captain’s wife hung herself in the wheelhouse and since that day the wheelhouse is a focal point of paranormal activity. Many strange sounds have been heard and his wife is also be seen wandering its halls.

The kitchen is another site of many strange occurrences. Utensils hung from the oven door will go missing and be suddenly returned at the end of the day to the exact opposite side of the room. The oven door will often pop open without warning. One ghost in particular is very helpful. If the dishwasher leaves a stack of dirty dishes in the sink for a few moments, he returns to newly washed stack!

2 thoughts on “The Princess Mary Restaurant

  1. I worked there as a teenager and saw who I beleive to be Pete Irwin a tug boat captain stiing staring at me, scared the bejeebers out of me

    • I (robtinbc) got married there and must say that although the place had allot of character I did not feel the presence of a Ghost only my wife and fellow VIPS founder. I sure would of liked to investigate the location but I hear it is no more.. sadly.

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