The Old Burying Ground – Pioneer Square

The Old Burying Grounds - Pioneer Square

The Old Burying Grounds - Pioneer Square

Creepy Canada Synopsis:

Two spirits haunt a small park in Victoria, British Columbia, where they were buried over a hundred years ago.

Pioneer Square in Victoria, British Columbia is known to the locals as The Old Burying Ground. From 1855 to 1873, thousands of bodies were laid to rest in the field, marked only by small tombstones. These tombstones still dot the landscape, and some say they can see more than just tombstones in the old cemetery. There are two particular apparitions which frequent the cemetery at night. The ghost of a woman wanders the park and so does the spirit is of R.B. Johnson, one of Victoria’s founding fathers. He is usually seen standing in front of someone with a barber’s blade in his hand, making motions as if he is cutting his throat. The records show that Johnson did indeed commit suicide by slicing his own neck with a small blade, and that he and the woman were of the many laid to rest at the Old Burying Ground.

On the edge of downtown (on Quadra Street beside Christ Church Cathedral) lies the Old Burying Ground, used from 1855 to1873 and still containing 1,000 bodies.

Now it is a city park called Pioneer Square and you may walk through it to enjoy the ancient tombstones by day or by night. If you go when it is dark, keep an eye out for the ghost of Adelaide Griffin who has haunted the place since her death in 1861 or for the less frequently seen ghost of Robert Johnson who slit his throat in a house across the street in the 1870s and has returned from time to time to reenact his grisly demise.

The stories of the Old Burying Ground are featured in the Creepy Canada TV series.


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