The Helmcken House

The ghost of a doctor and his favorite Aunt haunt one of the oldest houses in Victoria.

The Helmcken House is one of the oldest residences in Victoria, British Columbia. The house was originally owned by Dr. Sebastian Helmcken; a man who dedicated his life to caring for the ill. When the doctor fell tragically ill himself, his beloved daughter, known as Aunt Dolly, cared for him until his death. Aunt Dolly eased her father’s pain by playing the piano for him long into the night. Many visitors have wandered the house and heard the unexplained sound of a piano being played. Some have even seen the ghost of Dr. Helmcken enter a room and join Aunt Dolly at the piano. Father and daughter have carried their loving bond into the afterlife, together.

It stands on its original site beside the Royal BC Museum in downtown Victoria. It still provides shelter to its original occupants, although all have been dead for over sixty years! “Haunted House Tours” highlight the ghostly events in the historic site. Throughout September 2003 tours are held on Friday and Saturday nights at 8:00 pm. During October tours take place on Friday and Saturdays at 7:00 pm and 8:30 pm, with extra tours the week before Halloween. Reservations recommended. Call (250) 361-0021. Groups welcome any time by advance booking.

2 thoughts on “The Helmcken House

  1. I work for a First NationsHealth office and every year for last 5 we have brought Adults down to the haunted house down sidney but it has recently closed so I am looking for other places that we can go to, so I would need to know how many per group am I allowed and what would costs be per person.

  2. One night at around 11:30 I was walking by the house with my big sister, it was one of my first time downtown without my dad, andI was about eight at the time. My sister and I heard a piano and wondered where it was coming from. A few months later a new episode of a tv show we used to watch called Creepy Canada aired and one of the stories featured was the Helmcken House and the hauntings around it. We watched it heard them mention the piano and just looked at eachother in amazment. To this day we swear to god we heard it.

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