Craigflower School

The old Craigflower School was built in 1855. In 1918, an old bridge nearby fell down. Excavation for the new bridge uncovered human bones and a skull which were taken into the school and put in a box. Then strange things began to happen in the school. Someone unseen would open and close the kitchen door, and a cool wind could be felt. Many different strange things continued to happen until the bones and skull were properly buried again. Then, in 1970’s, strange things began to happen again. Voices were heard and a dog living there would become at times upset at unseen things. Research disclosed that the site was once part of an old Indian burial ground.

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Submitted by robtinbc on Fri, 12/22/2006 – 14:02.

Reply #1 on Sept 20, 2004, 5:17pm
Hi, I live in Victoria and ran across your site. I’ve been looking for a good site with local stories for ages, I have heard more than my fair share of urban tales about Victoria, and I hope you can get to the bottom of a few of them (or not, that’s fun too)

Anyways, I volunteered as an interpreter at the Craigflower Schoolhouse and Farm across the Gorge when I was thinking about getting into History at Uvic.

As a money making scheme, the guy running the site at the time held a “haunted” dinner party in the schoolhouse for a bunch of business people. The Four Mile House catered, and they even got a piper to walk around the outside playing spooky gailic tunes.

In the upstairs there is a room with the usual timeworn items of interest, including an old wind up clock that no longer had a key. Three-quarters of the way through dinner (I was there btw in costume, serving the food and playing the schoolmarm) this clock started up. I don’t think anyone else heard it over the piper, but I was in the hall by the stairs and it certainly scared the begezzes out of me!

This is my only experience with anything paranormal, and really I could have just been jumpy being there at night. (Part of my job of course was to know the stories).

Anyways, good luck with your site 🙂 I’ll keep an eye on it

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