The Cherry Bank Hotel

(Sadly now demolished)
Creepy Canada Synopsis:

This famous hotel has a long full history in British Columbia. In fact it was only the second establishment in the area to have a liquor license! The spirit of Kathleen, a long time resident of the hotel, is considered by many to still roam halls. Kathleen was an extremely prim and proper woman. A new waitress was once setting tables but was not quite sure what to do. She left the room and when she returned she found the dishes on the floor perfectly laid out. Often the kitchen staff arrives to find the lid of a cooler has been left opened. It seems that someone once perished in the cooler and people suspect that Kathleen opens it to let out her fellow ghost. Room number four is also a focal point for strange activity.

Student filmmakers came in to do a documentary and recorded something very strange. They noticed a scratchy sound on one of their audiotapes that grew louder as the recording went on. When they played it back again they detected a young girl’s voice saying ‘I’m having a tea party and you’re invited’, over and over. An elderly couple once heard loud banging in their sleep awoke to find that their bathroom door had been completely removed from it hinges and placed against the wall. The door to their hotel room had been locked and was locked when the awoke, so nobody could have entered during the night!

V.I.P.S. Comment:
We did 2 separate investigations and we had a few experiences. One of our investigators experienced being woken up to taps running in the bathroom and in the Flapper Room we caught the following EVP which at the time none of us heard, listen to it yourself:

EVP From Cherry Bank Motel

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  1. are there any photos online of the inside of the Old Cherrybank Hotel and I know there is at least one of an apparition at the bottom of one of the stairways in the old hotel but I can’t find it online. Anyone? Thanks.

  2. I have a lot of personal photos from the outside and endless pics from the inside of the Cherry Bank in late October 2005 before it was sadly demolished. My husband and I spent three nights there during our honeymoon and it was an incredible location.