Appeal for more information…

I was reading a thread in a forum on and there were some supposed haunted locations I have not heard of, Im appealing to you to let me know if you know of any of these and can give more info, possibly we can get permission to investigate….:

“Saint Andrews Church”

“Occidental Pub”

“Another location is the “deep hole” down by the river near cedar general.”

“Another place in Cedar I refuse to be at during night is the Cranberry Arms hotel. It was built in the early 1800’s and first was used as a school house, then eventually converted into a bar hotel, and now is just a bar. There is a suite upstairs above the bar, but I do not think anyone lives in it. I know a few of the waitresses there, they say it gets really creepy when they are there by themselves locking up at night and refuse to do it by themselves.”