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Susan J.
Age: 39
Occupation: Freelance Journalist
Member of Paranormal Investigation Group – Psychic

Christina B.
Age: 22
Occupation: Shift Manager/Booking Agent
Member of Paranormal Investigation Group

The investigation at B.C.’s Beban House was the initial investigation for both Christina and Susan as members of a paranormal group. They shared mixed emotions as they headed to the house that night.

Christina: “Since I was new in the Paranormal Group, and I didn’t have any previous experienceI wasn’t too sure about what to expect. I knew that there had been a lot of paranormal activity in the houseso I was sure to expect something to happen.”

Susan: “To tell the truth, I didn’t expect anywhere near the experience we got at the Beban House. I figured we would have maybe one or two incidences, but we had so many documented by the time we left the house that I was truly amazed and thrilled”

The spirit haunting the Beban House was restless on the night of the investigation nearly two years ago. He made his presence known in a variety of surprising ways. One of the most thrilling for the group was the appearance of orbs around the house. These orbs were captured on video and film. Check out the images below taken by Christina. You’ll see some interesting orbs, as well as a before, and after of some objects that moved! Christina says, “Seeing the pictures and the little bits of paranormal activity captured in them was exciting for me, especially since I was the one who took the pictures in the first place. I had never experienced anything like that before.”

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Creepy Canada – Season 1 Episode Synopsis’sss?

Episode 1
Ottawa Youth Hostel: The Ottawa International Youth Hostel may be accommodation for travelers and students, but it was once the home of Canada’s most notorious maximum-security prison. Many of its inmates were falsely accused men, women and children who endured horrendous suffering at this hell on earth. Those who died were dragged outside and burned, with no proper burial. To this day many of their spirits can be seen and heard throughout the cellblocks and tunnels. The former death row cellblock is still home to Patrick Whelan, one of the most controversial and effusive of the ghostly spirits dwelling in the cellblock. Many have felt his presence. Perhaps it’s because many feel he was innocent of his crime and he may be trying to clear his name. Whelan was also hung during the 11th hour of the 11th day, which is against the superstitions surrounding hangings. The Ottawa International Hostel is an amazing place, you can make arrangements to stay the night in a death row cell but few have made it through the night!

The Young Teaser: In 1813 the Young Teaser, a pirate ship, was trapped by British warship in Mahone Bay. Rather than allowing the ship to be caught and hanged, Lieutenant Frederick Johnson threw a torch into the ship’s powder magazine, blowing the ship from the water in a fiery blaze, killing himself and the entire ship’s crew. Soon after the explosion, locals began to report sightings of a ship resembling the Young Teaser, burning on the horizon. When rescue boats were sent out the ship simply vanished. Those who see the burning ship claim to see panicking men shrouded in flames on her decks. Perhaps they are paying the ultimate penalty for piracy, doomed to relive this tragic moment in history over and over. To this day, the residents of Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia pay tribute to this legend by re-enacting the burning of the Young Teaser at their annual Wooden Boat Festival.

Watson’s Mill: In 1859 an entrepreneur named Courier opened Watson’s Mill. It was the fruition of a dream and before long became the lifeblood of the community. Soon after he met and married the love of his life. But tragedy ended it all, when just two months after their marriage, when the newly weds were touring the mill with friends her long dress got entangled in the machinery. Before she could get help the machine spun her around and she struck her head against a post, killing her. Courier sold the mill, unable to associate it with anything but pain, and never returned. Many feel that his fallen bride has never left. Tales of ghostly sightings, strange noises, footsteps, strange shadows and objects moving began to circulate among staff members. The attic at Watson’s Mill is said to be haunted by a male ghost who appears to be a former mill worker. Patrons have reported a spirit who is angry and they get a real feeling of dread from him.

Brockamour/Willow Inn: Each of these beautiful inns offers more than exceptional hospitality; both are homes to ghostly women from the past. Brockamour Manor was named after General Brock, a great British hero of the War of 1812. During his command, he met and fell in love with Lady Sophia Shaw. The two were devoted to each other and about to be engaged, but her family considered it unacceptable, as Brock was not born of nobility. Although strictly forbidden, the two continued a clandestine affair. Unfortunately, while serving in battle, General Brock was mortally wounded. It was an emotional blow that Lady Sophia would never recover from and she eventually died a broken woman. She is now commonly spotted wandering the beautiful halls of the inn crying in despair, longing for the man she loved. Francois Desjardin originally owned the Willow Place Inn, in the 1820’s, a staunch Patriot who had been planning a rebellion against the Loyalists for some time. Maude, his servant but a faithful Loyalist, learned of the plot and turned him in. Shortly afterward, she was found murdered. Today, in room number 6, which used to be Maude’s bedroom, many have felt her presence. Guests of the Inn have spoken of strange breezes or somehow feeling they were being watched. The wheelchair Maude used still sits in the corner of Room 6. Guests there have even reported that the chair had mysteriously moved across the room while they were sleeping!

Episode 2
Fort George: Fort George was one of Canada’s strongholds during the War of 1812. Thousands of British and Canadian troops spent their entire lives there, enduring hardship, sudden death and loneliness. Many of those who suffered are still seen wandering the grounds to this day. A tour guide once approached a young boy who was talking into thin air. The boy identified his imaginary friend as a soldier wearing yellow facings – the same color as soldiers once stationed there. There have been a dozens of reports about a woman, in period clothing combing her hair, reflected in one of the mirrors in the Officer’s Quarters. Oddly, people are now reporting the same woman sitting in the room as if she somehow escaped from the mirror and is now free to roam the building. Bizarre reports have also emerged from the tunnel that leads to a powder magazine located outside the forts walls. Two tour guides once found themselves locked in the bunkhouse after they had spotted strange shadows moving around the ground floor bunkroom! Fort George is a fascinating place well worth exploring.

Ghost Road: Scugog and Port Perry, Ontario are small towns inextricably bound by the many mysteries surrounding both. The most famous story is Ghost Road. Not only do these rural areas boast many ghost sightings but also consistent reports of UFOs and strange creatures. Hundreds of urban legends about Ghost Road have developed over the years; stories of headless riders, hook men, and many more. One tale tells of a farmer who was shot while looking for something with a lantern. Many claim to see an indistinct figure holding a lantern on that road, and believe it to be the spirit of the dead farmer. Others have reported strange electrical anomalies. One couple parked there suddenly experienced a dead ignition then the radio started up, the dashboard lights began to flicker and the headrests started banging. The Jester’s Court Restaurant in neighboring Port Perry features native spirits, ghostly forms, UFO sightings, and accounts of alien abductions. One man recounts that when he was a young child he was out walking his dog, he spotted something strange in the bushes. His dog barked wildly and when he went to investigate further he encountered what can only be described as alien and also experienced an ear-piercing scream. When it subsided, he and his dog both ran for home.

Five Fisherman Restaurant: The building in which the Five Fishermen Restaurant is located, was once a funeral parlor and is tied forever to two of Canada’s most horrific disasters. The Titanic was one of the deadliest maritime tragedies of all time. It was at this funeral home where many of the wealthier victims were embalmed and some of the wakes took place. All of these victims met tragic and unexpected deaths. Many people speculate that these confused spirits are still wandering the building. In 1916, a munitions ship collided with a freighter and exploded in the Halifax Harbor. The resulting blast killed over two thousand people and there were so many bodies the funeral home had to stack them like cordwood. Ghost sightings, strange events such as water taps, lights and stoves being turned on and off by themselves, and glasses flying off shelves are a regular occurrences. The spirits seem to focus on employees working after business hours but recently the numbers of sightings has grown to include the general public.

Washington Avenue Grill: Haunted by a young woman struck down by a car in front of the grill and the love interest who committed suicide shortly after her death. The restaurant’s staff as well as a number of startled customers has reported seeing the two spirits. One gentleman, observing from a window, saw a woman walk out of an adjacent graveyard and up the stairs to the restaurant. A woman was having dinner in the empty dining room, when she felt what she thought was a moth fluttering around her ear. When she turned to swat at the moth she noticed a male apparition. She was more annoyed than frightened and told the ghost to leave her alone and he did as she asked.

Episode 3
Morton Brewery: The Morton Brewery opened in 1844 and by 1867 was the most successful brewery in Kingston Ontario. It was well known that large sums of money were kept on site so Ethan Allen, a felon with a dangerous reputation, and his band of thieves broke in one evening. During the commission of the burglary a dedicated guard, by the name of Corneillius Driscoll, surprised the panicked group. The interruption angered Allen, who then beat poor Corneillius’ head to a pulp. Allen and his crew were eventually tried convicted, and sentenced to be hanged at the old courthouse. Although most felt justice had been served, it seemed Corneillius Driscoll’s spirit disagreed. In 1887 it was reported that no matter how hard they tried to remove the bloodstains created during his murder, the stains would not come off the stones. Eventually, the stones were removed completely. The Morton Brewery Building now houses two theaters companies and an archeological research center. But even 100 years later, Driscoll may still be making his presence known. Many rehearsing actors see strange movements or hear odd noises when no one is around. Many have reported headless ghost wandering the hallsperhaps it is Cornelius Driscoll the ever-diligent security guard making his rounds.

The Cellar Bar and Grill: The Cellar Bar and Grill Restaurant in Halifax was once a farm owned by the honorable James Butler of the Halifax legislative council. One night in 1809, a local woman named Elizabeth was finishing her work on the farm when she surprised a transient who was hiding in the barn. She was attacked and brutally murdered. Accusations spread through the community but the killer was never brought to justice. Many people claim her spirit now wanders the restaurant, which now stands on the site of her murder. Staff members have experienced severe drops in temperature before encountering a misty human shape. Other bizarre occurrences include furniture moving on its own, computers going haywire, adding machines adding figures and printing them out even when the printer is turned off. The mischievous ghost has become a regular fixture in the kitchen with the chef and often wreaks havoc on his cooking utensils. One longtime employee has faced off on occasion with the apparition, who usually complies with her instructions to leave her alone. Some claim to detect a male presence and have often smelled pipe or cigar smoke in the building, a ban on which is strictly enforced. Stranger yet, years ago when the restaurant was run under a different name, a body in a plastic bag was discovered by staff, washed up on shore behind the restaurant. Some speculate that this unfortunate victim has chosen The Cellar Restaurant as his final resting place. The ghosts have shown no signs of leaving so the staff has adjusted to sharing their workplace with these mostly mischievous spirits.

Qualicum Heritage Inn: The Qualicum was built in 1835 as a boy’s private boarding school. After more than 100 years in operation it was sold in 1970 and turned into the current Inn. Since that time many of its staff and guests have reported bizarre events and sightings. A worker at the front desk complains of busy signals on the telephone and strange printer performance. One of the Inn’s managers experiences the eyes of a painting following him around his office. One woman staying at the inn with her husband tells of a strange dream she had one evening. She dreamt that she was sleepwalking but as it turns out described rooms and hallways she could only have known in such detail if she had actually seen them. It seems as though perhaps this guest had been on a ghostly tour of the building. Another guest, traveling with her grown son, heard strange noises in her room on the third floor. Her son, staying on the forth floor described the same experiences in his room. Whether experienced by staff or guests, the occurrences are all described as relatively pleasant, even if more than just a little eerie. Some believe they are prankster children from the boy’s school who have refused to give up their old quarters.

Deadman Bay: During the potato famine of the 1940’s, Irish stonemasons built the gunnery know as Cathcart Tower on Cedar Island, in an area off Kingston known as Deadman Bay. Robert James was one such young mason hired for the job and he soon met a young woman named Elizabeth. The two fell in love and Robert requested Elizabeth’s hand in marriage. But tragedy lurked in the form of a freak storm. The men noticed a storm while preparing for their day off and unwisely all jammed into one boat and headed for shore. The waters were rough and the overloaded craft simply could not take the load. Very few were lucky enough to make it to shore, including young Robert James. Elizabeth was devastated, refusing to eat and never accepting that Robert was gone. She died shortly after, most likely from grief. The work on the tower had to be finished and a new crew was sent back to the island. It was there that the strange sightings began. Workers started seeing a woman around the tower, seemingly in search of something. Soldiers at Fort Henry across the bay saw visions of a woman staring out into the bay. The sightings have continued to present day. One group of campers reported seeing a man and woman, walking hand in hand toward the tower. Perhaps the couple was reunited in death. Other frightening legends of Deadman Bay revolve around the ships that were sunk there. Some are so close to the water’s surface you can literally touch them with your oar. They claim that the crews now haunt these ships and occasionally navigate their ghost ships around the bay, possibly hunting for real vessels to press into service of their ghost fleet.

Episode 4
Sasquatch: For years a mysterious creature known in Canada as Sasquatch, has roamed the forests of British Columbia. Though this creature has been sighted by hundreds of people, no physical evidence of the creature has been found except for footprints. Some call the Sasquatch a monster; to others it is a missing link in human evolution or even an alien creature. John Bindernagle, author of Sasquatch – North America’s Great Ape, has come up with a new theory that the creature is simply an unclassified mammal. John is no casual investigator but a highly educated and skilled wildlife biologist with experience in North America, Africa and Asia. He presents compelling evidence including sightings, drawings from witnesses as well as the alleged footprint casts. Bindernagle’s hypotheses promises to shed new light on this highly controversial subject.

Emma’s Back Porch: The previous owner of Emma’s Back Porch still lingers on after death, watching over her family’s heirlooms, keeping her hand in things. Perhaps her entire family still calls this restaurant home. As a young girl, Emma watched her father run this family business with great interest. As she grew up she became a good businesswoman. The success of the restaurant grew and it attracted a celebrity clientele. But when her son died tragically at a young age it was a devastating blow for her. The spirit of her son seemed to linger on and she tried to help the boy but repeatedly failed. After her own death, it is said she too returned to the restaurant. Perhaps it was to keep watch over her ghostly child. Famed paranormal investigator Patrick Cross is a ghost hunter who is no stranger to the activities at Emma’s. Cross has had a great deal of success capturing ghosts on film and tape. Creepy Canada has exclusive right to broadcast what could very well be one of the only true photos of a ghost photographed by Cross himself.

Maritime U.F.Os: The Canadian Maritimes has become a hotbed of paranormal activity with its many reported UFO sightings and abductions. One specific case relates to a pregnant woman who has reportedly missed strange gaps in time. She later recalled that as a small child she had similar dreams and experiences. She believes it could perhaps be that alien creatures were specifically interested in her and her unborn child. Another case concerns a man who had been away from his Maritime home for many years. Upon his return, while staying at a local motel, he sighted a strange disc hovering over the hotel. Later that evening he noticed a very strange light in the sky outside of his room. The next morning he woke up beside his wife wearing different clothing. He has been racked with strange nightmares since his youth dreams of alien creatures, abductions and even experiments. No one is sure just what to think but there is definitely something bizarre out there. Halifax local, Don Ledger has conducted a great deal of research on the subject and shares his revelations with us.

Fort Henry: Fort Henry was erected as a defensive outpost against American aggression in the early 1800s. Though a vital link in Canada’s defense, the fort never actually saw one shot fired in anger. However, harsh conditions, disease and punishment took their toll on those stationed there. Many ghosts still walk the halls of this fort. One spirit dominates in death just as he did in life. Nils Von Schultz was the traitorous leader of an American invasion into Canada. The rebellion failed and Von Shultz was taken to Fort Henry, convicted of treason and eventually hanged. Soon after the hanging, strange manifestations began to occur. Even to this day guides report seeing the gallows on which Von Shultz was hung, even though it was torn down over 100 years ago. Many tourists and fort employees report seeing a man the likes of Von Shultz roaming the fort only to watch as he vanishes before there eyes. In other areas of the fort strange events occur that cannot be attributed to him. The fort bakery and the schoolroom have been the scene of many poltergeist reports. Poltergeists are generally attributed to young girls and the energy they give off. Women and children spent much of their time here and perhaps this is where the energy comes from.

The Cherry Bank Hotel: This famous hotel has a long full history in British Columbia. In fact it was only the second establishment in the area to have a liquor license! The spirit of Kathleen, a long time resident of the hotel, is considered by many to still roam halls. Kathleen was an extremely prim and proper woman. A new waitress was once setting tables but was not quite sure what to do. She left the room and when she returned she found the dishes on the floor perfectly laid out. Often the kitchen staff arrives to find the lid of a cooler has been left opened. It seems that someone once perished in the cooler and people suspect that Kathleen opens it to let out her fellow ghost. Room number four is also a focal point for strange activity. Student filmmakers came in to do a documentary and recorded something very strange. They noticed a scratchy sound on one of their audiotapes that grew louder as the recording went on. When they played it back again they detected a young girl’s voice saying I’m having a tea party and you’re invited, over and over. An elderly couple once heard loud banging in their sleep awoke to find that their bathroom door had been completely removed from it hinges and placed against the wall. The door to their hotel room had been locked and was locked when the awoke, so nobody could have entered during the night!

Episode 5
Four Mile House: This restaurant was originally built in the 1850’s and was very successful. Owner, Elizabeth Kalbert, was a distinguished healer and worked with the native people as an herbalist she was also known by many for her large herb garden. When she passed away, the natives honored her with a procession of drummers. Elizabeth’s strong native connection coupled with her ownership of the restaurant may be why many Indian spirits are sighted there. When the new owner took over and began renovating, she often encountered signs of ghostly intervention. Once, while uncertain of whether she could go on with the backbreaking work, she looked up and remarked that it had all better be worth it. When she glanced back downward she noticed an 1867 nickel that had definitely not been there before. It was if the spirits were sending her a sign of encouragement. An amateur gardener herself, Wendy often felt Elizabeth was guiding her through the process. The garden has since won many awards. Jake, the ghost of a stable hand who was murdered on the premises, has also been spotted throughout the building. The staff and guests feel that these ghosts are friendly and most of the time just trying to help.

The Halifax Club: In 1862, a group of well to do businessmen built themselves an exclusive gentlemens club. Not long after opening, stories began circulating of a non-member who took up residence – a ghost! Who this sprit is and why he is haunting the club is often a subject of debate in Halifax. There is speculation that the ghost may actually be a former member who died of a heart attack one evening, in the arms of a young prostitute. It is said that several members of this exclusive club retrieved the body and laid him on the stoop and phoned the authorities. They said he had died of an apparent heart attack. There swift action saved the face the deceased member and the club. Another theory is that a steward who worked at the club, stabbed himself in front of several members and then jumped out a window to his death, could be the ghost.

The Bytown Museum: Ottawa’s Bytown Museum stands as a monument to the strength and sacrifice of those who built the Rideau Canal. But some say it holds more than just memories and that some of those who supervised this engineering marvel, still walk the halls. Colonel By was the major force in the project and thus both the town and the museum were named after him. But another major contributor was a man named Duncan McNab who has all but been forgotten. Perhaps he is trying to leave his mark now? Also, deprivation, disease and violence were common occurrences here since it engineering involved such work. Maybe some of the spirits sighted here were left behind because of it. One woman who has worked at the museum had a particularly strange encounter. Once, while closing up for the evening she noticed a man sitting in the library reading. She explained that unfortunately he would have to finish the book another time. As she ushered him out the door she realized she never noticed him walk in so quickly opened the door again to question him, but he was gone. Unless someone could fly away they couldn’t get out of sight so quickly. She realized at that moment she has experienced something truly supernatural!

White Rock Players Club: The White Rock Players Club has been situated in White Rock, British Columbia for 100 years and is considered one of the most prestigious amateur theatre companies in Canada. The theatre itself is also known for a ghostly character. It is widely thought that Frank Johnson, one of the club’s founding fathers, haunts the building. Upon his death, he requested that his ashes be placed under the stage. Since last wishes were carried out reports of a mysterious figure wandering the building have been common. Actors on stage claim to see his ghostly figure in the wings during performances or looking down at them from the rigging above during rehearsals. Other specters have also been sighted. A womanly figure will appear dressed in Victorian costume only to disappear right before their eyes. They have also been known to move objects or appear in the mirrors of the dressing rooms. Actors have reported frightening encounters of ghosts passing them on the stairwells leading to the prop and wardrobe areas. Seemingly, these phantoms refuse to take their final curtain calls.

Princess Mary Restaurant: The Princess Mary was an old Scottish built passenger ship that made runs to and from the Gulf Islands. She was scrapped in 1951 and an iron company dismantled her. A local tug and barge building company requiring a lunch room for its employees bought the ship and put her on land to be used as a cafeteria. The cafeteria prospered so the ship builder bought a Venezuelan oil tanker, expanded and re-opened as a full restaurant. Unfortunately, the oil tanker captain’s wife hung herself in the wheelhouse and since that day the wheelhouse is a focal point of paranormal activity. Many strange sounds have been heard and his wife is also be seen wandering its halls. The kitchen is another site of many strange occurrences. Utensils hung from the oven door will go missing and be suddenly returned at the end of the day to the exact opposite side of the room. The oven door will often pop open without warning. One ghost in particular is very helpful. If the dishwasher leaves a stack of dirty dishes in the sink for a few moments, he returns to newly washed stack!

Episode 6
The Genii: The famous Genii ship went down while moored in a St. John, New Brunswick bay. It was already considered an unlucky ship when the storm struck, but nobody could have prepared for the disaster that occurred. The ships captain was not on board the vessel during the tempest and her entire crew was caught off guard and she went down with all hands. The bodies of the crew washed up on a nearby shore. They were then dragged to a nearby house where they were laid out. However, one body did not wash up for several days and eventually it washed up at least a mile away. Since then, locals have spotted a sailor walking the beach, looking for something. A female ghost, ia also reportedly seen roaming the beach. She allegedly killed herself but is still searching for her lost love. The house where the bodies of the dead sailors were laid out has also been the site of many ghostly occurrences. Objects have been said to move through the building, strange sounds are heard and figures of men have been reported walking around the house!

Beban House: Frank Beban, one of British Columbia’s leading timber baron’s, built his mansion on 160 acres of rolling farmland three miles north of Nanaimo. In 1953 the estate was sold to the city of Nanaimo for use as a park and eventually became the Nanaimo Tourism headquarters in 1997. Prior to becoming the Nanaimo Tourism building, the main floor served as a daycare centre. The operator of the facility often heard stories from preschoolers about an oddly dressed child playing with a red rubber ball. Many of the children made their invisible playmate the subject of their drawings and the operator was struck by the similarity of the pictures. It was first thought that the ghost was a little girl. Iit was later realized that it is more likely one of the Beban’s Chinese servants – a young boy who died in the house. The house is still believed to be home to many spirits and several staff members have reported bizarre encounters. The boiler room and old servant’s quarters leave many feeling uncomfortable. Strange messages left on the answering machine, water taps turning on and off and doors mysteriously opening and closing are just a few of these unexplained occurrences. Although the staff seems undeterred in working in the building, with very few exceptions, no one will remain there alone in the evening.

Sax’s Fish and Chips: Sax Fish and Chips has been a popular fixture in Keswick, Ontario since the 1950’s. But lately it has become a place to be with another groupspirits. When Carolyn Sax was only a little girl, Uncle Eddie used to help out there. Although he suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, a special bond grew between them. One night Carolyn saw a halo around him. He said that it was okay but the next morning he died. Years later Carolyn took over the restaurant and that is when the hauntings began. Eddie was known as a prankster so it’s no wonder that his ghost creates mostly mischief. Missing keys, doors opening and closing on their own, sounds of glass tinkling are heard where there is no glass are just a few of his pranks. One of his favorite tricks is turning on the stove burners although people have also reported things being thrown at them in the restroom. A psychic recently came and claimed that were a host of sprits moving throughout the restaurant – fourteen to be precise including that of a dog and a child named Pippa. Perhaps the playful Uncle Eddie brought along a few friends.

Memphre: From the picturesque Quebec town of Memphremagog comes the legend of a strange creature who lurks in the lake of the same name. Memphre, is alleged to be the thirty-foot cousin of the Loch Ness monster and has been sighted by locals and tourists alike. He has supposedly been tracked on sonar and apparently videotaped although no one has been able to bring forth any physical evidence of the creature. Jacques Boisvert has devoted his life to researching and proving that Memphre really does exist. He still dives everyday in hopes of sighting the creature and uncovering all the mysteries of Lake Memphremagog.

Great Lakes Vortex: Canada’s Great Lakes may be the heart of Ontario’s maritime and recreational life but they lakes are also the site of more missing ships and planes than now infamous Bermuda Triangle. The Great Lakes Vortex, as it has come to be known, is one of the greatest mysteries on earth. Eighteen ships were lost on November 11, 1913 costing 254 lives. On the exact same date in 1940 three more ships vanished. Aircraft flying overhead have inexplicably disappeared. Along with missing crafts there have been hundreds of sightings of strange lake creatures. Perhaps the most common phenomena of the area are the strange lights which have been seen over the water and the sky. Some people have referred to them as ghost ships. One of the first reported UFO sightings was by Elizabeth Simcoe, who is known as the first lady of Upper Canada. In 1791 she was traveling in the area and entered in her diary that she had observed a great light over the lakes. Days earlier a globe of fire appearing to be about the size of a 48 pound cannon ball was spotted coming from the northeast. The sheer volume of sightings, encounters and strange events make it almost impossible to dismiss and before anyone writes off the possibility, they should experience it for themselves.