Sheringham Lighthouse, Shirley BC, Vancouver Island

Sheringham LighthouseA last minute road trip turned the group onto the Sheringham Lighthouse,  we headed out Sooke way and got as far as Shirley and anyone who knows “Shirley Delicious” knows a must stop place on a road trip.  We stopped in and on the wall was a TC article found online at,  reading the article we had to check it out when we saw: “Sheringham Point Lighthouse, reportedly home to the ghostly presence of one of its last keepers, has been declared a heritage lighthouse and could soon be the centerpiece of a new park.”  It was a 2015 article but the place is still undergoing some major Work and Ethan our 5 year old made us nervous as the sheer cliff drop offs and poor railings gave us pause.

Still,  we want to find out more about the ghost reports and on the walk down to the lighthouse we think we found the grounds were the lighthouse keepers house was located now a vacant area off one of the trails,  the path down to the lighthouse had some evidence that it was a cultivated driveway with a fruit tree and hazel nut trees so an interesting location and we want to hear more about the haunting.