Changes for the better

Well,  some good news after a hellish 2009,  Michelle,  my wife and co-founder has found a new job that will allow her more time to get back to group activities including research,  I have assigned her some reading and to mark the occasion we have dropped the flowery look we had before,  we are always looking for fan input to add to existing stories so keep them coming,  I hope myself to be hanging out a little more in the facebook group.

We keep getting emails from people wanting to join the group and we appreciate the interest and the best way to be a part of the group is to send us your stories,  thoughts on the paranormal and experiences.

We met with John Adams during “Tourist in your own town” week and he said we should stay in closer contact so we have emailed him and hope to hear back from him,  I really recommend checking out the ghost tour he runs,  he is a great guide,  he has a natural talent.

Also a little bit of a new look for the better in the design of the site.

Ghost Hunters Conference Victoria, BC July 6-9th, 2008

There’s a ghost hunters conference happening in Victoria, BC, on July 6-9th, 2008. It’s happening in the Fairmont Empress Hotel, in the inner harbor and has a variety of guest speakers, from a local historian — John Adams to paranormal professor extraordinaire — Loyd Auerbach. Ami Bruni from TAPS Beyond Radio is also another. I encourage people to preregister. It’s cheaper than buying event passes at the door.

To preregister and more detailed information, please go to

Thanks Edokun for telling us about this one.