VIPS Updates

Well, it’s an exciting time for us, we are talking to the media for some up and coming stuff and we are getting allot of activity from you our avid visitors and followers.

The site has undergone a little reworking because I really was not happy with the look of it before, I think its a little better organized now.

We have also added a discussion forum, It requires a separate registration to use the forums and its all still in testing, I’m not sure I even like the forum feel so feedback is appreciated. Any bugs or issues you get also send to us at

The recent conference was a big success so I heard but I unfortunately was not able to attend and that is why I need to hear from you. I also heard from Susanne who is setting up her own group in Victoria which we thing is fantastic and we hope we can meet and even share/collaborate on investigations, we are not the type of group to get bent out of shape over other groups in the neighborhood, we all have common interests and goals, to understand, investigate and learn.

We are also interested in hearing about some hauntings in Mission, BC as some of our friends moved out that way and we want to do an investigation when we go to visit them so if you live in Mission or know of any haunted places there let us know.

We have a group on Facebook too so if you hang out on Facebook check our the vanisleparanormal group there.

Keep em peeled,
Rob Turner – V.I.P.S.