Ghosts – Robert Belyk



Author-Robert Belyk

The famous Victoria ghost who appeared to a tour group listening to her story, the little boy with a red ball in Nanaimo, the phantom helper in a restaurant kitchen — these are among the true stories in Robert Belyk’s new Ghosts.

Encounters with entities from a different reality do occur in the rational, modern world; the experiences collected here range from the colonial days to the year 2000. Most B.C. ghosts are not frightening, but seem to want to say, Notice me — I’m still around. However much a person might wish to ignore eggs thrown against a wall, an invisible but noisy cat, the long-gone woman who doesn’t want anyone sitting at her table in a hotel dining room or a bed that shakes, such things do happen, and they defy explanation.

Although many ghosts haunt private houses, some are associated with public places and buildings, such as Beacon Hill Park in Victoria, the Vancouver General Hospital, the James Cowan Theatre in Burnaby and the Qualicum Heritage Inn on Vancouver Island.

5.5 x 8.5, 192 pages, softcover