Strickland street house – Naniamo

Thanks to Greg Clausen for this information:
I was originally told in 1920 some local kids went missing…and someones dog found the bones in this widows garden..
they confronted her…deemed her a witch and burned the house down…here is where the story changes a lot..
some say she burned in it…cursing the land..*( 3 houses since hers have all burned to the ground supposedly )

We found some Postings on Nanaimo Information Forum…

Strickland street house

When I was a teenager, we used to hang out at a friends whos foster home was on the same property as the strickland house when you drove up the long driveway there was the abandoned house and then my friends house just up from there, one night we were all at my friends and we noticed lights on in the abandoned house, we all knew there was no electricity going to that house, we had heard stories that it was haunted etc. well we all decided to go and check it out, of course it was raining and blowing like crazy. We got to the porch and saw that there were candles burning in the living room and so when we went up to the living room every one of us ran down from the house and all of a sudden all the candles went out. It was the creepiest feeling ever. there was no one else there but us, and we had alot of guys with us that were pretty big and not afraid of stuff but they sure hauled butt out of there when we all got the same feeling that something bad was there.
I have gone back a few times but have only been able to get about half way up the driveway before backing out with my car, the feeling is sooooo bad, im not sure what is there but it really doesnt want anyone around.


I was @ the Strickland St. house with some friends about 20 years ago. We drove up the driveway to the first house – the one with the pillars. I had a creepy feeling from the time we started up the driveway, but no one else seemed to be bothered at all so I just followed along. We went up the front stairs and into the house and started to have a look into some of the rooms on the main floor. There was some tagging on the walls and a couple of empties from previous visitors. Still feeling creeped out, I started up the stairs to the second floor. I only made it to about the second stair and this horrible feeling came over me all of a sudden. I don’t remember feeling cold or anything, just a complete feeling of dread and the need to get out of there right away. My friends must have clued in at exactly the same time because we all seemed to fly out the front door at the same tme, jumped in the car and got the hell out of there!

Years later, I happen to live just a few blocks away from the property. I’ve actually lived near this area my whole life. About 8 years ago, my son and some of his friends went for a bike ride and went down the driveway to the Strickland St house (without my knowledge). When he came home and told me about it, he said that he had a creepy feeling as soon as they started down the driveway. His friends didn’t feel anything and told him that he was just being crazy, so he kept going. They made it to the house, which by this time was just the front stairs and the foundation, and he said he could hear singing, like a choir. His friends said they couldn’t hear it, but to him, it was loud enough that he couldn’t be mistaken. (Shiver…)

My dad grew up in Nanaimo and says that he remembers being told that it was a mine managers house – the Hunt residence. He also remembers something about it being owned by the nuns. Maybe the original owners donated the property to the church when they passed away(?). I’ve been intrigued by this place since my experience there all those years ago and I’d love to hear what everyone else has to say about it.


ive heard a few tidbits about the place on strickland recently. my sister told me that she remembers someone telling her that whoever lived on that property may have opened up a “portal” and it let out some sort of demonic presence. ive also heard that at one point in time a family lived on the property and for whatever reason they just up and left leaving all their belongings behind. i herd that they left everything, car in the carport, mail on the table, funiture etc. a friend of mine who grew up in the 80s in town apparently has a few stories to tell about the strickland property. im hoping to kinda interview her and see what kind of neato stories she has to tell.

Living Library Blog has a bit of information:

Hunt Estate, Nanaimo (aka Strickland or Harbourview House) In the following forums many claim to have had personal experiences at this site. There are claims that the previous owners left suddenly, abandoning all of their possessions including a car. Unfortunately, this grande heritage home had a squatter fire and was torn down before 2007.

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