Shelbourne Street Time Warp (Victoria)

A widely documented and experienced time warp on Shelbourne St., south of the Hillside Shopping Mall.

In October between 2:00 and 3:00 am, if you are driving alone in your car on this stretch of the road, the city street turns into an overgrown, unpaved country road, deserted and dark. Drive a minute and it shifts back to today. Are we in the Twilight Zone here?

6 thoughts on “Shelbourne Street Time Warp (Victoria)

  1. 2 of us where in this location in a room beside the street and we both heard a horse and carriage on cobble stones go by. When we opened the curtains the sound went away.
    It was clear as a bell.

  2. Hey, I was just really curious if anyone knew where these “widely documented” events are indeed documented…or where I could find anything more about what people have experienced here. Thanks

  3. I experienced a similar phenomenon in Metchosin on Winfall Road. I was living on a property there at the time, and one afternoon as I looked out my living room window, I saw a large red wagon being pulled by two draft horses, and the wagon was full of oak barrels. As I watched this wagon seamlessly merged into a modern red truck that my

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