Ross Bay Cemetery

Ross Bay Cemetery has the distinction of being the most spectacular Victorian cemetery in British Columbia. It’s winding, tree-lined carriageways, magnificent tombstones with their poignant epitaphs and the distant views of the Olympic Mountains make it a memorable place to visit. Visitors are welcome during daylight hours every day of the year.

The cemetery is noted for several resident ghosts, including David Fee (who was murdered on the steps of St. Andrews Cathedral on Christmas Eve 1890), Isabella Ross (the first woman in British Columbia to own land, whose farm stood where the cemetery is now) and a mysterious, elderly couple who are dressed in fancy Victorian attire and who are seen from time to time gliding along the western side of the cemetery.

Ross Bay Cemetery

The Old Cemeteries Society

The Old Cemeteries Society conducts walking tours at Ross Bay Cemetery and many other cemeteries in Victoria on Sunday afternoons throughout the year. The society’s Annual Ghost Tour at Ross Bay Cemetery on a Sunday afternoon before Halloween has become a major part of the Ghosts of Victoria Festival.

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  1. I strongly believe that this cemetary is haunted. My friend told me of this time when she was with another friend and she (or it might have been both of them) heard the sound of dragging feet, as if a body was being dragged across the ground. I had an experience a couple of years ago in high school when I went on a tour to Ross Bay with my Tourism class. The tour guide had a small speaker hooked to the wire of his ear/mouth piece (you know those small things the singers and theatre people hook on their ears) to project his voice. At one paticular grave sight, when the tour guide tried to speak, we got an awful screeching feedback from the speaker. Coincidence? Maybe, but the tour guide said that this was not the first time this happened

    • Oh, please tell me more, I would love to speak to the tour guides and document some of the experiences they have. I was wondering if a tour guide would want to be a contributor to the site? Any takers?

  2. My great grandmother and some of my grandmothers sibblings are burried in the cemetary…my great grandmother past away when I was in grade one.. A few years ago I decided I needed to go visit her since I had not been there since me and a small group of family members laid her to rest there. Part of the reason I never visited was there are no markings of where my family was burried …just small cement plackes that are burried with them. But I could remember standing by a tree during her service … So I called my grandmother And asked for direction. She said her family is burried right across from moss street. I headed out the next day with a friend and arrived at moss street around 6ish on rememerance day. I hunted around trying to invision the tree from when I was about 5 years old…As soon as I found the tree my friend about thirty feet away said jess there’s a cat over here… I love cats and always have… The cat was standing near a different tree and was more then friendly putting so loud. Aftera few minutes with the cat it was getting to dark and we decided to head out. As I started to walk away I had the feeling someone was staring at me but just brushed the feeling off. Last year to this day exact I went back for another hunt.. This time with my grandma on the phone… To this day it still weird me out my grandma directed me on the phone to the exact spot were the cat a few years earlier had been standing. I thanked my grandma for helping me.. And as we said goodbye my grandma said” oh and jess leave befor dark, your great grandma loves to play tricks, and my sister likes to sit on the families burrial spots as an animal. “I realized then that feeling of being stared at was my grandmother and the lovable little cat was my grandmothers sister.

  3. I once smelled cigar smoke in the most obscure corner of that grave yard. There isn’t a place for quite a distance. Just a note, it could have been anything.

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  5. I too have had numerous encounters with spirit in Ross bay Cemetery. Being a Spiritualist and A medium, I can tell people that there are so many spirits in Ross Bay Cemetery. Some I have helped across into the light, and some are simply there in visitation. There is also a dark energy that sometimes makes its presence known. If you are a sensitive and go into Ross Bay, I strongly recommend putting protection on yourself before entering.