McPherson Theatre

Disembodied footsteps have been heard when this old theater is empty.  Chandeliers and lights have also been seen to swing and move on their own.

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  1. My classmates and I went to a play at the McPherson Theater. We saw the hobbit. I was the in a seat next to the isle. I looked up and no one was in the booth above me and my friend. 25 minutes went by and as I looked up, I saw a lady with gray hair pacing in front of the seats in the booth. I didn’t think anything would happen, but then surprisingly she got up on the edge of the booth and just simply jumped off. I just about screamed when my friend bumped me on the shoulder and asked me what was wrong. I told her what I saw. She simply thought I was crazy. But I know what I saw and I know what I saw was real because my friend from another school saw the same exact thing and so did his three other friends. The lady with gray hair must have killed herself for some reason. I did research and the same exact story came up on the paranormal site. So now when I go to the theater. I know that if I look up at the booth, I will know I’m not crazy when I see the gray haired lady jump off the booth.