Maritime Museum of British Columbia


Maritime Museum of British Columbia

Maritime Museum of British Columbia

The Maritime Museum of British Columbia is located in the old Supreme Court building is said to be the most haunted of them all due to the fact is was built on the site of the city’s first gallows and many of the men who were hanged still lie buried beneath its foundations.

Visit the Maritime Museum daily throughout the year. Helmcken Alley leads away from Bastion Square and has the reputation for being just as haunted. The sounds of muffled footsteps with dragging chains is one of the stories from Helmcken Alley that is featured in the Creepy Canada TV series

October 19-21, 26-28
Ghost Tours

The Maritime Museum is offering ghost tours of the 1889 landmark in October.

Those brave souls who dare to enter the building will hear creepy tales of ghost ships, cursed vessels, and real accounts of ghostly activity in Victoria’s original Provincial Courthouse.

That’s where Hanging Judge Matthew Baillie Begbie held court on the third floor. Some Victorians believe he still haunts the place.

The entertaining and enlightening ghost tours explore the historical development of Victoria and Bastion Square. They run twice a night at 7 and 8:30 pm on October 19th, 20th , 21st and again on the 26th ,27th, 28th.

Costs are $10 for Adults, $8 Students and Seniors, $7 Children 12 and under and $30 for a family ( 2 Adults and 2 children ).

For more information on reserving tickets
Contact Marc Vermette
Maritime Museum of B.C.
Phone: 250-385-4222 ext. 106
Fax: 250-382-2869

5 thoughts on “Maritime Museum of British Columbia

  1. Hi all
    My wife & I went on the ghost tour last Oct. I have two personal experiences to share.Two ladies heard fotsteps on the stairs behind them when we were on the third floor and when they turned around there was no one there, My wife was taking a picture near the offices around a corner facing away from the court room and myself and another gentleman saw a flash inside the court room.

  2. I visited the martime museum about 10-11 years ago with my son and his cub scout group, we stayed over night in the museum. It was a fun filled night full of treasure hunts, pirate stories, and spooky adventure. Everybody brought foamies and sleeping bags and found a spot to sleep on the floor. During the night, after the sounds coming from the street died down, I managed to fall asleep. I don’t recall how long after, when I was woke by what sounded like the old wrought iron elevator being operated, which seemed sort of strange to me because I knew the group was all on one floor. I got up to check just to make sure it wasn’t 1 of the kids fooling around, nobody was there but I had this strange feeling that somebody was watching me. I went back and laid down, then a few minutes later I heard what sounded like chains rattling and a low sad mournful type of moaning. In th emorning I asked a couple other parents if they heard anything at all, everybody looked at me like I was nuts, and maybe all the stories from the night before got to me.

  3. Visited the museum yesterday with no thought of ghosts or knowledge of the place being haunted. As I started walking down the steps from the third floor, I heard footsteps behind me and sensed the presence of a woman – i think, before reaching the first landing, I looked over my right shoulder and glimpsed a swish of white fabric… it was a strange sensation, I turned all the way around but there was no one there. My husband who was half a flight ahead, saw and heard nothing.

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