Harbour House Hotel, Salt Spring Island

Audible phenomena and poltergeist activity is experienced at this location.   The haunting Spirit is believed to be Walter Herzog who is said to have been murdered in 1973.

Electrical appliances are problematic. Moaning and whispering have been heard as well.

  • Ghost Stories of British Columbia by Jo-Ann Christensen (1996) – according to the author, a local psychic is fighting to have the hotel exorcised while hotel staff oppose, believing that the spirit has said it wants to stay.
  • Ghost Stories & Mysterious Creatures of British Columbia by Barbara Smith (1999) Qualicum author also speaks of the rights of spirits.
  • Hotel site (not on haunting)

Source: http://livinglibraryblog.com/

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  1. I used to be head housekeeper there in the early 90s… and YES… there was lots of undeniable spirit activity up in the housekeeping areas and rooms.So much so that i’d wait for him to do things! Made it more exciting to clean :))

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