“Ghost Hunters” Jason Hawes shares ‘life-changing’ moment from his childhood | Paranormal Corner

Ghost HuntersOn the Dec. 7 edition of “Paranormal Corner,” several people shared stories about interesting encounters they’ve had with complete strangers.

I shared my own story about an unfamiliar man who told me that “everything was going to be fine,” while a friend told of how a stranger gave her the exact amount of money she needed to buy her daughter clothing — and the stranger said the gift was from God.

While some think these people could be angels sent from the heavens to deliver a message or Earth angels who are put here to assist us, Jason Hawes — founder of The Atlantic Paranormal Society — believes these strangers could just be “sensitive.”

Hawes, of SyFy’s “Ghost Hunters” and a host on Beyond Reality Radio, contacted me to be a guest on the internet radio show on Dec. 14 to discuss these kinds of strange situations.

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