Four Mile House

The Four Mile House is located in Victoria, British Columbia. Many spirits are said to haunt here, as well as Margaret Gouge who lived at the roadhouse during the second half of the 19th century. She was known for her love of flowers, and has been seen looking down from what is now the laundry room into the well-maintained garden. She is wearing a full length gown and appears entranced by what she sees.

Creepy Canada Synopsis:

This restaurant was originally built in the 1850’s and was very successful. Owner, Elizabeth Kalbert, was a distinguished healer and worked with the native people as an herbalist she was also known by many for her large herb garden. When she passed away, the natives honored her with a procession of drummers. Elizabeth’s strong native connection coupled with her ownership of the restaurant may be why many Indian spirits are sighted there.

When the new owner took over and began renovating, she often encountered signs of ghostly intervention. Once, while uncertain of whether she could go on with the backbreaking work, she looked up and remarked that it had all better be worth it. When she glanced back downward she noticed an 1867 nickel that had definitely not been there before.

It was if the spirits were sending her a sign of encouragement. An amateur gardener herself, Wendy often felt Elizabeth was guiding her through the process. The garden has since won many awards. Jake, the ghost of a stable hand who was murdered on the premises, has also been spotted throughout the building. The staff and guests feel that these ghosts are friendly and most of the time just trying to help.

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  1. Has any research been done recently into the apparition of a soldier that has been seen near the rail crossing just below the Four Mile? With all the road work going on there lately I wonder if the workers have had any experiences.

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