VanIsleParanormal YouTube Channel

We have been parents now for 6 years and Ethan is on the Autism Spectrum (High Functioning) so time and energy levels have not allowed for much in the way of Paranormal interests however we have been doing a Channel for Ethan called SpectrumGamerET so we thought it might be time to get back into investigating.

Now a full-blown investigation is not plausible so we were going to investigate footage online of ghosts and paranormal events, a couple of “Armchair Investigators” so we are starting an Armchair Paranormal Investigation Youtube channel (V.I.P.S.A.P.I.Y.):

We have built the page and added some playlists and content but have as yet had time to put up any of our own videos but please go and subscribe and if you want notifications as soon as we do click the little notification bell on the channel page.

UPDATE: Check the menu at the top of the page, the channel is live and we have put up our first episode!,