Most Haunted TV Show finally catches an apparition!

Yvette Fielding and Dr Karl Beattie fron TV Show Most HauntedAs a skeptical paranormal researcher and investigator,  I find most ghost shows a little bit hard to take seriously.   Most Haunted in its history has had some supposedly “fake” Physics.

Derek Acorah was supposedly outed in a live show by a false ghost made up by the team called Kreed Kafer,  an anagram of Derek Faker.

Most Haunted and Yvette and Karl really have stood firm on how they want the show to be real and nothing faked and so as a Paranormal TV show,  Most Haunted has stood the test of time and is well into double figures for its series.

Allot of this is due to the on-screen chemistry of the team.  Karl and Yvette (of Blue Peter fame) pictured here to the right are the lead 2 investigators.  They are also husband and wife.

This footage that has exploded onto the paranormal community is the most compelling, “alleged”, Ghostly Apparitions we have ever seen.

The “alleged” apparition clearly walks up the stairs and has arms and legs and its pretty cool evidence.

However, yes,  I can’t help it.   The skeptic in me does question the actions of Stuart who runs after the apparition and looks past an open door before directing Karl into an empty room.

I love the show, the cast, and Stuart,   I am not making an accusation but the skeptic in me immediately questioned what Stuart looked at past the open door before directing Karl into the side room.

Was he making sure the person playing a part got out okay?

I’m writing this without seeing the entire show as I have only yet seen the clips online so I might not have the full information on the layout of the corridor,  he could of been checking inf the apparition had passed through the door and onward and perhaps they continued on after what we see in the clip.

Also, the outline and the gait of the apparition makes me question it.  It more resembles a crew member wearing baggy jeans and a hoody,  darker clothes which on night vision would show up lighter.  It just doesn’t feel like a long-dead ghost of long past.  Granted it could be someone recently deceased,  its just a strange apparition outline.

Again,  we love Most Haunted and so want it to be real but I just have that skeptical voice in my head just getting at me so I have to put it out there.

Also the show does carry a declaration that its for entertainment purposes only so it makes it harder to take this as real evidence.

It will definitely raise interest in the field and help the shows ratings,  neither of which are a bad thing but we at V.I.P.S. really really want it to be real too.

Robert Turner
Vancouver Island Paranormal Soc.



Likely faked,  this like an alleged Queen Mary Apparition were both when camera’s had been set down on a surface,  this is because its hard to do video overlay with a shaky camera.  Queen Mary footage is widely seen as a hoax now.

Sheringham Lighthouse, Shirley BC, Vancouver Island

Sheringham LighthouseA last minute road trip turned the group onto the Sheringham Lighthouse,  we headed out Sooke way and got as far as Shirley and anyone who knows “Shirley Delicious” knows a must stop place on a road trip.  We stopped in and on the wall was a TC article found online at,  reading the article we had to check it out when we saw: “Sheringham Point Lighthouse, reportedly home to the ghostly presence of one of its last keepers, has been declared a heritage lighthouse and could soon be the centerpiece of a new park.”  It was a 2015 article but the place is still undergoing some major Work and Ethan our 5 year old made us nervous as the sheer cliff drop offs and poor railings gave us pause.

Still,  we want to find out more about the ghost reports and on the walk down to the lighthouse we think we found the grounds were the lighthouse keepers house was located now a vacant area off one of the trails,  the path down to the lighthouse had some evidence that it was a cultivated driveway with a fruit tree and hazel nut trees so an interesting location and we want to hear more about the haunting.

Lake Monsters Or Lily Pads

cammie sighting at Cameron Lake

‘Cammie’ sighting at Cameron Lake

“Cammie” Lake monster sightings are on the rise as Cameron Lake on Vancouver Island and it started a discussion about the whole lake monster phenomenon.

We here at V.I.P.S. are forming a hypothesis that might explain some sightings.  The wake that is seen as they surface and dive, the bumps that are seen in a row.

Type of root systems that can be rotting in lake beds

Type of root systems that can be rotting in lake beds

Rotting Stumps and/or underwater root systems like lily pads which can become very large and undulating.  See in the image a possible root system.  It appears to have scales like that of a lizard or serpent.  and it branches off,  imagine that rolling on the surface of the water and a part rising out of the water as it does so. What could be a pretty compelling monster sighting.

As the fleshy root rots. It causes gas build up in the root itself that would cause it to rise to the surface.  Gas escaping from the root propels it across the surface. Due to its undulating nature it forms the humps that are synonymous with a lake monster sighting.  Another theory of the propulsion could be fish, a large fish would swim into the root as it tried to bite parts off it,  this could also account for direction changes, splashing and rolling. You can see that happen when you throw bread in a lake with Carp.  They swim at the bread as they try to bite pieces off propelling it across the water.

As gas escapes water enters the spaces and the root sinks.   Movement in a monster sighting could be high pressure gas release causing the same effect you would get with a high pressure hose or a rolling effect of the root system possible causing protrusions from the lake surface,  a head coming up our of the water and then going under again.

V.I.P.S would love ‘Cammie’ to be real and we not discounting it.  We do like to promote ‘open mindedness’ and so are a putting it out there an an alternative idea for discussion,  something to keep in mind when watching a youtube video sighting.  We are interested in your lake monster encounters and thoughts on this topic, keep it constructive.

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The Field Guide to Lake Monsters, Sea Serpents, and Other Mystery Denizens of the Deep

The Field Guide to Lake Monsters, Sea Serpents, and Other Mystery Denizens of the Deep

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Lake Monster Mysteries: Investigating the World's Most Elusive Creatures

2 Vancouver Island Spots in the Top 10 Most Haunted Locations in Canada as featured in the Readers Digest

Spooks, spectres and spirits abound: Canada is rich with ghost stories and tales of the supernatural.  Vancouver Island can claim 2 locations in the Top 10 Most Haunted locations in Canada which are:

6. Craigdarroch Castle, Victoria, B.C.

Craigdarroch Castle, Victoria, B.C.Built in the 1890s for coal miner Robert Dunsmuir and his family, this Victorian-era mansion has since become an eerie Canadian tourist attraction. Rumors of a piano that plays by itself, and sightings of a ghostly woman in white have frequently been reported. Many attribute the castle’s supernatural proclivity to Dunsmuir’s untimely demise just a year before the building was completed.

(Photo courtesy of It_paris/Flickr)


8. Maritime Museum of B.C., Victoria, B.C.

Maritime Museum of B.C., Victoria, B.C.

(Photo courtesy of **Mary**/Flickr)

The dearly departed seem to have a fondness for the city cheekily known as the place for the “newly-wed and nearly-dead”. Located in Victoria’s well-known Bastion Square is the Maritime Museum, which was once the site of the city’s jail and gallows. Some say that if you look through the windows at the Museum’s entrance, a shadowy, slender, Van Dyke-bearded figure can be spotted gliding down the main staircase. The mysterious apparition is thought to be the ghost of Sir Matthew Baillie Begbie, Victoria’s infamous “Hanging Judge”.


Find out the No 1 spot and the 0ther 7 at

Boo to for not getting any Vancouver Island Spots in its top 8!. gets one in its Top 9 with Craigdarroch Castle and The Weather Network also fails to include Vancouver Island.  Suprising to us is Huffington Post who we thought had good articles who fail to include any locations on the island but do include some that we had not hear of in this older 2013 article.

Applause to BuzzFeed who feature 4 places in its top 14!