Ghost Hunters Conference Victoria, BC July 6-9th, 2008

There’s a ghost hunters conference happening in Victoria, BC, on July 6-9th, 2008. It’s happening in the Fairmont Empress Hotel, in the inner harbor and has a variety of guest speakers, from a local historian — John Adams to paranormal professor extraordinaire — Loyd Auerbach. Ami Bruni from TAPS Beyond Radio is also another. I encourage people to preregister. It’s cheaper than buying event passes at the door.

To preregister and more detailed information, please go to

Thanks Edokun for telling us about this one.


Westcoast Ghosthunters (Maple Ridge, BC) –

Westcoast Ghosthunters

Meet fellow ghost enthusiasts near you! Come to a Ghost Tracking Meetup to investigate hauntings, share mysterious images and hunt the eerie inhabitants of the paranormal realm! If you are interested in joining a group for ghost hunters, then this is the group for you! Come share your stories, pictures, etc. and eventually the group will plan to go out on our own ghost hunting investigations! For ages 18+ only! Sorry, no children allowed at meetings and investigations.

Location: Maple Ridge, BC, Canada 49.21-122.58
Founded: Oct 14, 2007
Member Fee: none

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Members: 19
Meetups: 1 so far

“The Westcoast Ghost hunters is now up and running with just having our first Meetup in November! —Group member

To meet Victoria like minded Ghost Hunters and believers go to