Paranormal investigators explore abandoned Cape Breton mines

A group of paranormal investigators believe there could be spirits haunting abandoned mines in Glace Bay, N.S.

After hearing about some spooky encounters at the Cape Breton Miners Museum, Jason Murphy and his investigative team decided they wanted to check things out for themselves.

“For us, it was just to come see if there’s anything here. So many men were lost in mining accidents, it was a dangerous job,” says Murphy. “We got a couple of clips, different things in the mine. We heard what sounded like children playing, people banging on pipes, you can hear different things.”

The most interesting part of the investigation came when Murphy was in the area that in known as ‘the cage’, where the museum houses the mining artifacts.

“I asked the question ‘how many men died in the No. 26 Colliery explosion in 1979’ and we got ‘10, 10, 10,’” recalls Murphy. “At that time I had no idea what it meant.”

Later that night Murphy, along with help from museum manager Mary Pat Mombourquette, came across an old newspaper clipping from the mining disaster.

“In No. 26 Colliery 12 people actually died. Ten died in the mine that night, four went to the hospital, so two died later,” says Mombourquette. “It didn’t automatically come to us what the ten was about until we saw that paper and thought this was about the men who actually died in the mine explosion at that time.”

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“Ghost Hunters” Jason Hawes shares ‘life-changing’ moment from his childhood | Paranormal Corner

Ghost HuntersOn the Dec. 7 edition of “Paranormal Corner,” several people shared stories about interesting encounters they’ve had with complete strangers.

I shared my own story about an unfamiliar man who told me that “everything was going to be fine,” while a friend told of how a stranger gave her the exact amount of money she needed to buy her daughter clothing — and the stranger said the gift was from God.

While some think these people could be angels sent from the heavens to deliver a message or Earth angels who are put here to assist us, Jason Hawes — founder of The Atlantic Paranormal Society — believes these strangers could just be “sensitive.”

Hawes, of SyFy’s “Ghost Hunters” and a host on Beyond Reality Radio, contacted me to be a guest on the internet radio show on Dec. 14 to discuss these kinds of strange situations.

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Makers of spooky films find Craigdarroch Castle has screen presence

Craigdarroch CastleWhen Norwegian film producer Patrick Bensen moved to Victoria three years ago and began asking locals, “What’s spooky around here?” he was struck by how often Craigdarroch Castle came up. After consulting with paranormal investigators and learning more about Victoria’s haunted history, Bensen and his partners became so intrigued they decided to build a feature film around it. “We decided to create a unique story, backed up by evidence from real cases,” said Bensen, explaining the origins of The Castle, the working title of their “reinvention” of the paranormal thriller. Bensen’s collaborators include executive producer Michael Porter, whose recent credits include executive producer of Atom Egoyan’s upcoming Remember and co-producing director Roger Spottiswoode’s Midnight Sun.

Their film, about the spooky experiences of eight young adults haunted by a mystifying spirit, will never be mistaken for genre hits such as the Paranormal Activity films, Bensen said. “We’ve come up with something audiences haven’t seen in a long time,” said the Alpha Film Productions founder, whose projects include the documentary Finding Identity and the short film The Adventure Board. “We’ve revamped something that shouldn’t be forgotten, something both old and new,” Bensen said. “Instead of horror films that are now mainly bloody, and zombie movies, this will be more like Hitchcock.” Andrea Bailey, founder of Unearthing Shadows Paranormal, said she became involved because she was impressed by the filmmakers’ willingness to listen to real accounts of paranormal occurrences. “I’m a pretty level-headed researcher and we try to get factual evidence,” said Bailey, whose group investigates and documents evidence of paranormal phenomena. “A lot of people have taken old wives’ tales about hauntings and run with it, but we’re very honest about what we do.” Bailey said there are a lot of misconceptions about paranormal activity and investigations and the feature could help to dispel them. While the screenplay is still in development, the film’s premise will put a unique spin on the classic formula in which several strangers are invited to spend a night as guests at a spooky location, where strange things happen. The eccentric guests are greeted by Randal McRay, the elderly British caretaker of Craigdarroch Castle, which is featured in the film.

After McRay, the last surviving member of his cursed family, reveals that his guests are all descendants themselves, they have just 12 hours to get out of the castle alive by solving ancient riddles. The screenplay was inspired by Craigdarroch Castle itself, with support from its executive director, John Hughes, and his staff. “We’ve been in conversations with them for a while and we’re meeting next week to sign contracts,” said Hughes. The main staircase, library, dining room and other areas would be used, he added. A demo trailer has been posted to the production company’s page for its IndieGogo crowdfunding campaign launched by Bensen and production partner Maria Isabel Bances. “It’s interesting that they’re writing for the space rather than the space fitting the script,” said Hughes, who has just finished hosting crews for another spooky thriller. Filming recently wrapped at the castle on scenes for The Boy, Lakeshore Entertainment’s psychological thriller starring Lauren Cohan, Diana Hardcastle and Jim Norton. “It was one of the biggest productions here from my perspective,” Hughes recalled. “There were 50 people working here with a ton of gear, a really good crew.” The historical museum doubled as part of a spooky English country manor where weirdness ensues after a nanny arrives to care for an eccentric elderly couple’s son. “They had the run of the castle,” Hughes said, adding crews erected false walls “to transition between us and [scenes filmed at] Hatley Castle.” Craigdarroch Castle is a popular location for producers of films and television shows with supernatural themes, including Spooky House and Spooksville. What differentiates the project Bensen and his partners are trying to get off the ground is “we want to use only 100 per cent Victoria or Canadian people, to show we have enough talent here to do this.” Porter said one of his “pet peeves” is how Victoria is often passed off as other locations. It’s a situation the partners are determined to reverse. “We want to say high and loud that we are in Victoria, B.C. It’s not set in California or Scotland or Paris,” Bensen said. Victoria film commissioner Kathleen Gilbert said she will do whatever she can to support it. “We want to encourage and promote local independent productions as much as we can, because you just don’t know where the next Steven Spielberg is coming from,” she said.

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Sorry, Guys: Bigfoot Is Dead ‘Cause This Guy Shot Him

Yeah, there’s a picture

Jan. 07, 2014
Screenshot from KSAT/Rick DyerScreenshot of Bigfoot via KSAT

If you are reading this while out in the woods searching for Sasquatch, you’re too late. Bigfoot is dead. Rick Dyer, the apparently-famed Bigfoot hunter, shot and killed the creature in San Antonio, nearly a year ago, according to KSAT.

While Dyer didn’t exactly keep the trophy secret, the only proof he released was a grainy video clip he claims to have taken of the big beast inadvisedly lurking outside his tent in a wooded area outside of San Antonio. While Dyer had released some of the video on his YouTube channel — and some was included in the documentary Shooting Bigfoot— it failed to impress skeptics.

That could all change, though, now that Dyer was able to reclaim the body of the mythic hirsute creature and released photos of his kill to interested parties, fellow trackers and the skeptical public. In a news clip from ABC’s San Antonio affiliate KSAT, Dyer reveals the photos of the Bigfoot he claims to have lured to its death with the help of some Walmart pork ribs that he had nailed to a tree.

In the video, Dyer defends his catch against doubters. Every test that you can possibly imagine was performed on this body — from DNA tests to 3D optical scans to body scans. It is the real deal. It’s Bigfoot and Bigfoot’s here, and I shot it and now I’m proving it to the world. (Via) Dyer says he’ll hold a news conference shortly to reveal the full Bigfoot body and test results.

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