Camille’s Restaurant (Now closed)

The Restaurant was opened in the offices of the Victorian Law Chambers.

The ghost or ghosts here are very active and detected by the smell of cigar smoke and perfume.

We found this review of the place on Yelp by an Eric B,  though it worth inclusion here:

Camille’s is located in Bastion Square, in the heart of Old Town Victoria. It is nestled into the cozy nooks of heritage building across from the Maritime Museum. Gayle and I dined here during our last night in Victoria and very much enjoyed the food, the service, and the comfortable, casual and romantic atmosphere within this historical setting.

The restaurant was first started by Camille Slevan and his wife Elizabeth in 1987. They ran it for not much more than a year before ill health forced him to sell. When the present owners came in, the name remained.

The building was built in 1898 and designed by Francis Rattenbury, a noted architect of many of Victoria’s finer structures including the Empress Hotel and the Parliament Buildings. Originally it was called the “Law Chambers” building and housed six very luxurious lawyers offices, two on each floor. The building was across the street from the Court House (now the Maritime Museum), so it was a logical location for the young towns’ premier legal minds to be housed. Each suite boasted a working fireplace and a spacious walk-in vault that are still in the building today. The vaults and fireplaces are still here, as is the small back dining room that originally housed records storage. The old, prominent and huge beams still pretty much hold the building up to this day.

Like other Victoria Landmarks (e.g., Pioneer Square), this Building is rumored to be haunted and a number of “ghostly” encounters have been reported by various occupants over the years. Could it be that the Law Chambers were built near the site of Fort Victoria’s original jailhouse and gallows, and that many hanging victims might be buried under the very ground beneath?

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