Bedford Regency Hotel

The Bedford Regency hotel has had a mixed history and presently is upgraded to modern standards. The ghost has been seen and felt in the old dining room. “Lady” Churchill haunts her old room. She leaves behind the scent of her perfume.

BuzzFeed said in its top 14 most haunted places:

The Bedford Regency hotel was once the notorious Churchill Hotel. In the 1960s, the Churchill Hotel was a seedy destination with a rough beer hall in its basement. The hotel is said to be haunted by the ghost of a woman who lived and died there. She supposedly killed herself after witnessing her lover brutally beaten to death on the steps of the beer hall. In her room, guests have reported seeing her ghost fly at them as they open the door, as well as flashes of her face when they look in the mirror.

Apologies to the Bedford who we wrongly had listed as the Bradford for some time.

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