Beacon Hill Park

Beacon Hill Park

Beacon Hill Park

Beacon Hill Park has a strange “ghost of the future”.

Several people reported seeing a ghostly woman, arms outstretched and mouth open in a silent scream, by a particular bush in the park.

Some time after this, a woman was murdered.  Her body was found under the same bush.  She looked exactly like the ghost that was seen before she died.

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  1. I saw a woman staring at me. She kept staring at me, intently.

    It was at the top of the hill when you go up the winding path from the north side of the park. It’s usually a pretty deserted area, maybe an occasional couple hiking, or people sunning themselves.

    A young female child was playing beside her. I saw her just a month ago.

    I now realize she and the girl were ghosts. She was surprised that I could see her. I did not sense that she knew the child was there. Do you have any information about what this could be about? If I see her again I will tell her that she is move on…