About VIPS

The Vancouver Island Paranormal Society is a research and investigation team based in Vancouver Island. Our team consists of 2 core members, a husband and wife “Michelle and Robert Turner” who have been running the group for several years. We have some other friends who are also active in the group and also will call on other groups and individuals depending on the groups current situation.

We are currently available for investigations and are interested in hearing your stories of hauntings on the Island. which you can email to us at info@vanisleparanormal.ca.

We have conducted several investigations and are eagle to investigate any of the locations featured in our pages or any private residences that are haunted. If you are having problems with a haunting we will treat your emails for assistance with respect and will ensure your privacy.

Our founding team members have Christian values and a belief in the almighty God but respect other beliefs and understand how other faiths can assist us in investigating and clearing haunted locations. We do rely on our faith to keep us strong in investigations but we are not confrontational with our beliefs towards others and respect other peoples beliefs.

The founders of the group would consider themselves skeptics but understand that when a true haunting is reported that we will do everything in our powers to assist, understand and find a way to clear a location for the people having to live or work in that location/situation. We do not see paranormal investigation as a “thrill seeking” activity.

We encourage visitors to the site to comment on stories but ask you to register.

Thank You,
Michelle and Rob Turner
Vancouver Island Paranormal Society

5 thoughts on “About VIPS

  1. i have had a few experiences with the paranormal, one of which was frightning.im glad this site exists, im in parksville and will be checking this site frequently.thanks.

  2. My house is haunted. It started happening about 7 years ago, something in the house says “hellooo???” as a question.. over and over again. My whole family and a few friends have heard it.

    One time I was singing obnoxiously loud and when the song stopped something yelled in my face “HEY!”, I was home alone.

    I was dancing in the kitchen and something pushed me so hard my head snapped back, I turned around to get mad at my brother and he wasnt there.. he was in his room playing video games.

    I was watching TV with my mom and I saw a hand and a forearm grab my wrist, I jumped up in a panic.. later that night I had a panic attack.

    Just felt like telling you the things that have happened to me since youre into paranormal stuff. I want to look into it but I dont at the same time because I really do not want to be inviting these things toward me any more than they already are.. since whatever it is, is drawn to me for some reason.

  3. Hi there, How does one study and get involved with investigating the paranormal activity. I live in Cobble Hill and I am very interested to learn.

    Thank you

  4. Spell check? you are located in vancouver island? you are eagle to help people?… come on now this is VI’s paranormal society.. more like a joke

  5. Hi!
    Firstly, lol, I love that “Carrie” complains of you not using spell check, meanwhile I see nine punctual and grammatical errors, so thanks for the laugh.

    Secondly, who do you know in town, being Victoria, that does Kerlian Photography? I need to get my hands photographed.

    Thirdly, keep up the good work.

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