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We have been parents now for 6 years and Ethan is on the Autism Spectrum (High Functioning) so time and energy levels have not allowed for much in the way of Paranormal interests however we have been doing a Channel for Ethan called SpectrumGamerET so we thought it might be time to get back into investigating.

Now a full-blown investigation is not plausible so we were going to investigate footage online of ghosts and paranormal events, a couple of “Armchair Investigators” so we are starting an Armchair Paranormal Investigation Youtube channel (V.I.P.S.A.P.I.Y.):

We have built the page and added some playlists and content but have as yet had time to put up any of our own videos but please go and subscribe and if you want notifications as soon as we do click the little notification bell on the channel page.

UPDATE: Check the menu at the top of the page, the channel is live and we have put up our first episode!,

Florence Lake, Victoria BC Ghost Piano Music

Has anyone experienced or know more about ghost stories about Florence Lake, Victoria BC, specifically of a tale of a sunken piano.  
Apparently, before there was road access to the west shore of the lake there were several homes built, and all the building materials and household goods had to be brought in by boat.  
Unproven local legend has it that someone tried to bring a piano to their home but lost the piano in the lake when their boat capsized. 
If this story is true the piano is probably still there and if it were a ghost story there would be rumours of ghostly music on dark and foggy nights, but let’s not start rumours!

Podcast #2 in the works… It has a name… “VIPScast”

We are looking at making another podcast. We want personal experiences be it a long story or a small happening. 

We will read it out. Discuss and open it up to you the audience to have your say too. Must be connected with vancouver island but does not have to be an island based haunting. 

Happy to answer questions to from you to us.  Email us or use social media … Tweet/instagram/faxebook with hasgtag #vipscast We will find it 🙂

Mid july is our target to have some material together.

Most Haunted TV Show finally catches an apparition!

Yvette Fielding and Dr Karl Beattie fron TV Show Most HauntedAs a skeptical paranormal researcher and investigator,  I find most ghost shows a little bit hard to take seriously.   Most Haunted in its history has had some supposedly “fake” Physics.

Derek Acorah was supposedly outed in a live show by a false ghost made up by the team called Kreed Kafer,  an anagram of Derek Faker.

Most Haunted and Yvette and Karl really have stood firm on how they want the show to be real and nothing faked and so as a Paranormal TV show,  Most Haunted has stood the test of time and is well into double figures for its series.

Allot of this is due to the on-screen chemistry of the team.  Karl and Yvette (of Blue Peter fame) pictured here to the right are the lead 2 investigators.  They are also husband and wife.

This footage that has exploded onto the paranormal community is the most compelling, “alleged”, Ghostly Apparitions we have ever seen.

The “alleged” apparition clearly walks up the stairs and has arms and legs and its pretty cool evidence.

However, yes,  I can’t help it.   The skeptic in me does question the actions of Stuart who runs after the apparition and looks past an open door before directing Karl into an empty room.

I love the show, the cast, and Stuart,   I am not making an accusation but the skeptic in me immediately questioned what Stuart looked at past the open door before directing Karl into the side room.

Was he making sure the person playing a part got out okay?

I’m writing this without seeing the entire show as I have only yet seen the clips online so I might not have the full information on the layout of the corridor,  he could of been checking inf the apparition had passed through the door and onward and perhaps they continued on after what we see in the clip.

Also, the outline and the gait of the apparition makes me question it.  It more resembles a crew member wearing baggy jeans and a hoody,  darker clothes which on night vision would show up lighter.  It just doesn’t feel like a long-dead ghost of long past.  Granted it could be someone recently deceased,  its just a strange apparition outline.

Again,  we love Most Haunted and so want it to be real but I just have that skeptical voice in my head just getting at me so I have to put it out there.

Also the show does carry a declaration that its for entertainment purposes only so it makes it harder to take this as real evidence.

It will definitely raise interest in the field and help the shows ratings,  neither of which are a bad thing but we at V.I.P.S. really really want it to be real too.

Robert Turner
Vancouver Island Paranormal Soc.



Likely faked,  this like an alleged Queen Mary Apparition were both when camera’s had been set down on a surface,  this is because its hard to do video overlay with a shaky camera.  Queen Mary footage is widely seen as a hoax now.